“Sumy NPO”, PJSC was visited by the delegation of specialists from China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation (CZEC), specializing in the construction of nuclear power plants on a turnkey basis. The guests was interested in the competence of the company in creating equipment for the nuclear power industry and the possibility of […]


“Sumy NPO” PJSC was visited by representatives of Global Certifik. They came here to perform recertification audit of the occupational health and safety and environmental management system of the Company for compliance with the OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015 international standards. The guests shared their conclusions, made after the completed […]


A unique eight-stage rotor to the turbo-compressor package with a capacity of 25 MW, which was manufactured in Sumy NPO, was supplied to the booster compressor station Gazli (Uzbekistan), where it will be used by the customer in the process of modernization of this facility. As Sergey Kovalenko, the deputy […]


The formation of shipping items which on a step-by-step basis are filled with the structural modules of two triethylene glycol (TEG) regeneration packages for gas drying unit ordered by the German company Ingenieurbüro R. Großmann GmbH & Co. KG. KG. began in “Sumy NPO” PJSC . In general, 16 railway […]


At the end of the last year, “Sumy NPO” PJSC shipped a lion’s share of equipment for a gas drying unit (GDU) within the scope of a contract with the German company Ingenieurbüro R. Großmann GmbH & Co. KG (IBG). Now, the manufacture of truly monumental equipment promising to be […]


A number of workshops of “Sumy NPO” PJSC have deployed the production of ten rotors for the modernization of gas pumping units. These components, which are rightly considered the highlight of any compressor equipment, are manufactured for the needs of Uzbek DKS Gasley, KS-0 Mubarek. In time the company took […]


The production of another lot of containers for LLC “Azimut” was launched in “Sumy NPO” PJSC. “Last year Sumy NPO already had experience of cooperation with this company from Kiev region. In 2017 similar containers were shipped for its needs. The level of the executed works satisfied the customer, therefore […]


OGS-202K-05 centrifuge, manufactured in “Sumy NPO” PJSC by order of the Astron Company, specializing in the production of organic fertilizers, was supplied to neighboring Belarus. The products ordered by Belarusian partners are compact (it weighs half a ton) and at the same time functional, maneuverable and reliable. Prior to shipment, […]


A number of production departments of “Sumy NGO” PJSC came to the finish line in the implementation of orders of the German company Ingenieurbüro R. Großmann GmbH & Co. KG. KG (IBG), providing for the supply of equipment for gas drying plant completing, as well as TKA-C-12 with the accompanying […]


“Sumy NPO” PJSC plans to complete the painting of tanks for the needs of the German company Ingenieurbüro R. Großmann GmbH & Co. KG. KG. until the end of the current week. “This equipment should serve at least 30 years, so the requirements for its reliability and directly to the […]